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March Tax Workshop for Authors — still time to register #taxtip #writing March workshop is the last one before taxes are due on April 15.

As some of my readers know, in RL I’m a tax and finance professional, and I’ve been using that knowledge to teach my tax workshops.

Whether you like it or not, it’s time to stop procrastinating on your tax return. We have a lot of new authors here who may be filing Schedule C for the first time and probably have a ton of questions. New self-publishers may also be wondering how that will change your tax return. I know how many questions I had even after my first year of earning, which is why I became a licensed tax preparer four years ago.

Whether you are an old hand or a new author you will learn something new.

Three years ago I started offering online workshops for other authors. The final workshop begins March 15 and runs through March 30. I run the courses on a Yahoo Group. You will get an invitation to join the group after I receive your payment. You don’t have to be online when each lecture is posted. You can read at your leisure, then ask questions when you need to, or read other peoples’ questions.

I’ll cover everything you need to know about filing a tax return/Schedule C with special emphasis on the kinds of expenses and issues writers have. There’s a whole session just on self-publishing. (Don’t like online classes? Check out my book Tax Tips for Authors 2014 Buy the book. Also available at Smashwords and coming soon to iBooks, B&N and Kobo)

Comments from previous participants:

“Loved the class! So much information was given–and on things I had no idea existed!”

“As a newly published author, I had no idea where to begin with taxes. This class explained everything in an easy to understand format. I feel ready to go!”

Tax Workshop for Authors ($30) —

Register Here

Consists of about 15 lectures to read at your own pace, open Q&A throughout the course and for at least an additional week. You will have unlimited access to the course lectures, Q&A, plus the option of one private tax question answered off the group.

Writers, are you stymied by Schedule C and self-employment tax? Not sure you’re getting all the deductions you deserve, or uncertain precisely what the IRS allows? You just want to know how to fill in your forms and what you can and can’t deduct. I will answer those questions, as well as provide additional useful and necessary information for tax planning and recordkeeping.

As both a writer and a tax preparer, I offer expert knowledge that usually costs hundreds of dollars in tax prep fees.

Lecture topics include: Self-publishing Issues, Hobby vs. Business, Legal Issues, What Expenses are Deductible?, Schedule C Walkthrough, Self-employment Tax, Quarterly Estimated Tax, Deductions for Unpublished Authors

Register Here



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