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Professional Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

Our Rates

Full-service editing means every manuscript gets as many rounds of edits as required, for one job price. If it takes three rounds, you don’t pay more. I want your finished manuscript to be ready to submit or publish.

Rates depend on size of the project, turnaround time and the amount of work needed, but these are average prices. I can give you a more precise price quote after seeing sample pages.

  • Proofreading (correcting typos and punctuation) – from .05 cents per word
  • Line editing (correcting for technique and usage) – from .075 cents per word. See a sample edit (PDF)
  • Content editing of storyline, pacing, structure, etc., as well as line editing or proofreading – 1 cent per word
  • One-pass: if you’re just interested in one-pass edits, the rate is 75% of the above per-word charges. I do one round of edits and comments and it’s up to you how to address the suggestions.