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How did #NaNoWriMo 2013 go for you? (poll)

If you got a contract or self-published, congratulations! Please leave a comment about where/when your book is coming out!

If you’re still working away at it, or have given up, this should be a great motivator to keep writing! Considering signing up for the Newsletter to get tips and information on how to finish and revise your novel.


Here’s another poll, about revising and rewriting



  1. I picked “I finished and am struggling with rewrites” even though I haven’t started the rewriting process yet…but I have a feeling I’ll be struggling once I do get to work on it!

    • Good luck on the rewriting. It’s my least-favorite part of the process on my own work. But I love working on other people’s manuscripts. I have several articles here on rewriting vs editing and even more in the newsletter. Keep us posted on how the novel progresses.

  2. It’s titled Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny’s Lair, and will be out from Dreamspinner Press in May.

    • Hi Amy,
      Can’t wait for that one!
      Mine’s called Bound for Trouble, and will be out in June from Dreamspinner.

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